aim -;

to measure a specify of the electrolyte of the battery.

requirements ;

hydrometer , distilled water multimeter etc..


(1) with the help of multimeter , check the DC voltage of the battery.

(2) for testing specific grieve, insert the nozzle of hydrometer syringe into the cell snuzzle the bold and then slowly release it.

(3) drawing up just emote electrolyte from the cull to fiat the hydrometer freely.

observation table-;

(1) voltage of the battery =——————–volt.

(2) hydrometer reading (specific gravity of the Electrolyte) =—————————


specific gravity of an Electrolyte

during discharging H2So2 decodes billeted and while and charging it becomes stronger.

hydrometer ;

-the specific gravity of the electrolyte is determined is by an instrument called hydrometer.

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