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AIM:  to learn to disassemble and assemble split phase motor

 Required:  electrician  plier, electrician screwdriver ,  spanner

 Procedure: 1. open the terminal box

2. disconnect the wires from the terminal

3. remove nuts

4. remove and platforms

5.  place the end plate again proper

6. Tighten  nut

7. connect the  winding leads to the terminal as shown in the fig

8. connect the motor to supply

9. switch on the supply


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AIM: To learn to connect start Run reverse a capacitor motor

 Requirements:  capacitor motor, insulated players, starter, supply connection, electrician, screwdriver, test leads with series bulb

 Procedure: 1.  fix and arrange a suitable supply for single phase AC capacitor motor

2. open the terminal box of the motor

3. can I the motor as per the circuit diagram

4. switch on the supply and the motor starts running

5. switch off the supply

6. reverse the wire of running winding

7. switch on the supply and look out rotations of the motor


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AIM: Take out electricity bill

 Requirement:  electricity bill

 Procedure: 1. get the units of electricity consumed with the formula of  number of appliances*  wattage of 1 appliance* total appliances* time period=  power consumed buy that type of appliance

2. calculate the power consumed and by the way one unit is equals to 1000 words or 1 k w

3. Calculate 


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AIM: to check the battery water level with a hydrometer

REQUITREMENTS : `battery , distilled water, hydrometer

PPROCEDURE : 1. open the battery with the screws on the top

2. put the hydrometer into the water section

3. and then put the pipe of the hydrometer in the water

4. then press the bulb of the hydrometer

5 . if the water rises to the red ;level it is critical

6. if it rises to the blue level then it is ok


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AIM: too do earthing

REQUIREMENTS : copper plate 15*15 cm , gi rod , screws , wire of appropriate gauge , salt , coal , bricks

PROCEDURE : 1. first check all the earthing of the house by probing the phase and the earthing and phase and the neutral

2. if the voltage of phase and ground is greater than that of the phase and neutr4al than the earthing

3. if it is ;low than modify the existing eartyhing by adding water or make a new one

4. take a earthing pl;ate and connect a gi rod and runa wire through the gi pipe to the plate3

5. dig a hole at the site to put earthing

6. after digging put the rod inside and cover it with some coal and then put some earthing salts onto it

7. then put some bricks to hold them in place3 and them cover them with the soil excavated


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AIM:  On grid and off grid Solar Power Plant

Requirements:  Panel System Solar charging battery grid inverter

 solar system installation

  1.  Solar panel  system should be installed at 45 degree angle  from the ground
  2.   charge controller Duo should have a proper body earthing
  3.  and on the top there should be a complete   Body  earring

On grid syteme

  1. The inverter should have Earthing
  2.  wire from the power should go to the charge controller and then the inverter

 Off grid systeme

  1. The wires from the charge controller should go to the batteries  of appropriate rating 


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AIM ; to crank up a diesel engine

REQUIOREMENTS : a diesel engine , a crank , diesel, oil

PROCEDURE : 1) to start the diesel engine first check if there is diesel or not if not then fill it up

2) then check and if not then fill the oil up

3) start the cranking the engine with the crank at the rear rotating part

4) start turning the handle and at optimum speed i.e. when you get enough momentum

5) flick the switch and remove the crank

6) the diesel; engine comes to life and starts 7) to stop the engine there would be a small fuel injector at the bottom of the diesel engine push it and then it would stop fuel injection stopping the engine


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AIM : to determine the gauge of the wire / to determine the thickness of wire

REQUIREMENYTS : a gauge meter , wire whose thickness has to be determined

PROCEDURE : 1) take the wire to be measured then take one strand of that wire and pass it through the small gap gives in the gauge meter

2) the point through which the wire strand passes through easily is the gauge of the wire

3) then count how many strands of wire are there in the wire

4) then while telling people we say the no of strands first and then the gauge of the strand

FUN FACT : greater the no of the gauge thinner the wire gets


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AIM : to remove the insulation from the wire

REQUIREMNTS : A piece of wire , wire stripper,

PROCEDURE : 10 take the wire strip[per and cut around the insulation

2) make sure that you don’t cut through the copper wire itself

3) stripe the insulation out from the wire and you are done


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AIM : to learn about different methods of artificial respiration

REQUIREMENTS : a rescuer , a victim

PROCEDURE FOR SAFFYEX METHOD : 1) lay the victim on a flat ground with their head down

2) fold the lefty hand so that it becomes a support for the head

3) lay the right hand streaight

4) the rescuer should be seated to one of the side of the victim on his knees

5) with both hands apply pressure on the victim ‘s back portion above the waist for 3 sec and release for 6 sec

6) continue this process until the victim regains consciousness

PROCEDURE FOR SLYSTER METHOD : 1) lay the victim on his or her back

2 ) put a cushion ubnder his back

3) lay his and straight

4) then with a lever motion laay his hand to hios waiste and again above hios head

5) re-do thi8s till the victim regains consciousness