3D PEINTERdo the desigmning in tinkercad software or any cad softwarehttps://www.tinkercad.com/4. then export the file in stl format5. then open the factory software6.7. open the file in it8. then do the settings of the type of filament9. then connect a pendrive and prepare the data10 . once it is complete connect it to the 3d printer and startप्रजन्यमापकFebruary 27, 2022Agriculture :- जीवामृत, दिनांक:-7/2/2021AGRICULTURE :- जीवामृत, दिनांक:-7/2/2021April 3, 2021to calculate the FCR of a henTO CALCULATE THE FCR OF A HENFebruary 25, 2022January 5, 2022© 2022 Vigyan Ashram | Disclaimer | Website By MaarichSHARE:PREVIOUSVINYL CUTTER {FAB LAB}NEXTLEASER CUTTER {Fab LAB}RELATED POSTSworkshop project (resource center)workshop project (resource center)February 17, 2020R.C.C कॉलम तयार करणेR.C.C कॉलम तयार करणेDecember 27, 2021प्रजन्यमापकप्रजन्यमापकFebruary 27, 2022रक्तगट चेक करणे .रक्तगट चेक करणे .March 15, 2022Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress