Practical experience:-

Leaf names Observations

  1. Peru leaf Black spots, Orange dots
  2. Tomato leaf Weak, curly twirled, White lines
  3. Moringa leaf Holes
  4. Brinjal Holes
  5. Mango Browning

Contagious Diseases

  1. Wooly Whitefly:– Woolly Whiteflies are small, flying insects resembling small white winged moths with yellowish-white abdomen and a light dusting powder. The immature stages (nymphs) are flattened

2. Thrib Insect:- Thrips are minute, slender insects, fringed winged and unique mouthparts. Different Thribs species feed mostly on plants by puncturing and sucking up contents inside the leaf

Dieback:- Dieback, a common symptom or name of disease, especially of wood plants, characterised by progressive death of twigs,branches,shoots or roots, starting at the tips