AIM: too do earthing

REQUIREMENTS : copper plate 15*15 cm , gi rod , screws , wire of appropriate gauge , salt , coal , bricks

PROCEDURE : 1. first check all the earthing of the house by probing the phase and the earthing and phase and the neutral

2. if the voltage of phase and ground is greater than that of the phase and neutr4al than the earthing

3. if it is ;low than modify the existing eartyhing by adding water or make a new one

4. take a earthing pl;ate and connect a gi rod and runa wire through the gi pipe to the plate3

5. dig a hole at the site to put earthing

6. after digging put the rod inside and cover it with some coal and then put some earthing salts onto it

7. then put some bricks to hold them in place3 and them cover them with the soil excavate d