/////////////////////// WORK IN PROGRESS/////////////////////////////

AIM :  to make a 3d printer  for a very affordable prices

NEED OF THE PROJECT : 3d printers are a hell costly the crappyest  ones starting around 30 $

And medium ones around 1 lac and the best around 3-8 lacs .

The one that we use at vigyan ashrma is the Julia advance from the Julia series from the fractle company . itn costs around 8 ;lacs which is inaffordable  the common man for prototyping

Name of my printer: MIKASA


  1. This is a cheap alternative costing around 3000-5000rs
  2. this is a multi task9ng machine .i.e this is a 3d printer , laser cutter , vinyl cutter , detachable machine , miller machine , PCB  miller .


A 3d printer uses the 3  axis too controls its position in the 3 dimensional world

If you need a pointer at the point (20 20 20) this would corresponds to the  following axis

Move X axis in the X direction with 20 units

Move Y axis in the Y direction with 20 units

Move Z axis in the Z direction with 20 units

Finaly the extruder eextrudees the plaastics onto the heating plaate and and it sticks there and is left there too cool off

Mikasa 3d printers’ progress :

  1. As shown above the 3d printer usesd a strtepper motor to control itself
  2. But to cut ciosts aand imporove the effeincy and printing speed I am going tpo mmake yuse of trhe servop motor
  3. Again the tytpe odf servo motor that ii am goimng to be requiring is a 360degree servo
  4. I hopped onto the web and searched onto the information for a 3650 degree servo and fond that they are daam costly take a look atv thius
  5. /////////////// thue photo of the page omnn which this servo asd sold /////////////
  6. So again make a servo out frpom the DC gear mot6or
  7. Now as ashoiwn above we need to  know the accurate position of the mpotor toio know about  ioits position so we make use of a rotary encoder


  1. Downlkoad the inscape file provided below
  2. ////////////// inscape file
  3. Load the inscape fi8le into the laser cutter
  4. If you don’t have a laser cutter then no need tro worry because I have got yopu covered
  5. Take the file provided below to a normal printer inb a shop or something and cut this on a A4 size paper you will bee ohbi9viousl;y going to need to  4 of these encoders 3 for the 3 axixs and 1 for the extruder mnotoior
  6. The [pieses will look sometinmg lilke this

  • Assemble it together and  it will look roughly like this Do not forget to [paint it black  from inside