Intro: the project that sits between mechanical complexity and artistic marvel is a kinetic sculptor

Like David C. Roy said

“ A  kinetic sculptor is said to be successful if after its completion you would just want to stare at it with your cup of tea or light wine and get lost in it “

  • David C. Roy

I have made a kinetic sculptor for the Vigyan Ashram

Requirements: plywood  fewiquick , DC motor, iron rods,

Tools : laser Cutter

Inscape kinetic sculptor body file :

Inscape box casing to hold the motor :


  1. Cut the inscape file of the body onto the lase cutter
  2. Load the inscape svg file and convert it into dxf file in inscape
  3. Load that dxf file into the RD Works ( the laser cutter software )
  4. Cut the 4mm plywood with 65% power and 10mm/sec speed
  5. Then I headed over to maker case  for laser cutter to make the box to hold the motor in the laser cutter
  7. Assembled the box with fewiquick
  8. Connected the motor inside the box
  9. Connected the kinetic sculptors hands  onto the box more specifically onto the motor
  10. In my case one hand of the kineteic sculptor onto the box and then connected one of the hands onto the the motor
  11. Use fewiquick whenenver possible

The result is beautifull