Computer-Controlled Cutting:

Computer Controlled Machine is used to cut material from stock pieces using computerised controls and mechanical tools. We must cut the 2D design using various cutting equipment in this assignment. For this week’s assignment, several cutting instruments such as a knife, a lesser cutter, a plasma cutter, and a vinyl cutter were employed. We must use this cutting procedure on materials such as cardboard, acralic, MDF, foame, plywood, and paper.

What is Laser cutting:

LASER cutter is a 2.5 D CNC machine use for subractive manufacturing process .It use high wattage LASER as a end tool which cuts the 2D form of structure .In our lab we have a C02 base 60 watt LASER cutting machine .

Leser cutting machine in FABLAB at Vigyan Ashram:

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Startiing up the machine :

  1. start the power supply and check the voltage on meter
  2. if the voltage is more than 200VAC run the machine if less than that then no
  3. if the voltage is okay then start the isolated transformer then start the UPS connect the UPS by pressing the ‘I’ button on the UPS
  4. then start the industrial chiller and then the machine
  5. then turn on the emergency stop button
  6. then turn on the compressor

using the machine :

  1. load the design
  2. then check the frame of the design
  3. then check the leveling of the design
  4. if the level of the design is not right then adjust it by pressing the Z/U on the control panel and adjusting with the arrows
  5. in our case, we used to check the design with a acrylic with the appropriate double-sided tape
  6. to determine the focus incline of the thing to be cut and then run a line across
  7. the part where it cuts cleanly is your focus
  8. in our case the focus was 8mm from the output
  9. after lleveling again load the file and check the frame and press start
  10. the laser would start to cut


  1. stand besides the machine during its operation because sometimes there might be accidents so a operator should be there to shut it down if there are any mishaps
  2. shut down the machine immediately after use


  1. turn off the compressor
  2. turn off the emergency switch
  3. turn off the supply to the machine
  4. turn off the industrial chiller
  5. turn off the UPS by pressing ‘o’ on the control panel
  6. turn off the isolated transformer
  7. turn off the supply