19:- Motor rewinding
Aim :- to learn about the problem and how to do motor rewinding
Requirement :- new coil, p.v.c paper, polish paper , screwdriver ,cutter , plier  etc.
Procedure :- check the motor properly before  opening it.
* Check the motor  properly before opening it.
* Take the information about the type and it’s company etc.
* Take care of each and every part of the motor and it’s body .
* Coil should not be touched  to the body of motor .
* Place the p.v.c paper properly above and around the coil in slots.
* If motor is  of single phase make 75 turns  of the coil leave the end out .
* Get information about the main parts  of motor i.e rotar and stater .
Observation :- if the motor is properly rewinded  then there will be no problem in motor .
1) if the gauge no of wire is high  it’s thick is less.
2) if the gauge no is low its thickness is more .