In many schools, the operation of the bells relies on a staff member manually operating a switch each time a school period, lunch, or recess bell is required. This device is basically a bell timer, which rings the Electric gong bell at set times for the preset programmed duration as per requirement. This bell will connect to WiFi and ring according to the time set in the Indian time zone.

Electronics :

Use Hardware Material : 

1. Esp8266 Node MCU

ESP8266 is a low-cost WiFi module that belongs to ESP's family which you can use it to control your electronics projects anywhere in the world. It has an in-built microcontroller and a 1MB flash allowing it to connect to a WiFi. The TCP/IP protocol stack allows the module to communicate with WiFi signals. The maximum working voltage of the module is 3.3v so you cant supply 5v as it will fry the module. 

2. 5V Relay Module

A 5v relay is an automatic switch commonly used in an automatic control circuit to control a high-current using a low-current signal. The input voltage of the relay signal ranges from 0 to 5V.

Electronic Circuit :

Ardiuno IDE upload Code :

Setup Ardiuno IDE with Esp8266 Node McU

Arduino IDE: File → Perference → ( paste that )

Download & open Ardiuno Code :

Enter your Wifi Username & Password

Set Time In Code

Select Board & Upload Code

Video :


Case Desgin using Coral Draw Software.

Plywood Cut on Leser Cutter

Smart Bell Casing

Make smart Bell Final Casing With Circuit

Final Smart Bell Install Case With Bell

Final Video

Problem After Installation :

  1. Not Change Time ( Programm Upload Time One-Time )
  2. Not Bell Control Use App