Aim:- To learn the electrical motor starter.

Requirement:- Plier, screwdriver, all type of spanners, hammer, tester, wire cutter, electrical knife.


first, we took a starter and we started to find the faults in the starter. And took the information about the starter then we took the information about the parts of the starter then we took the information about each part and it’s working process.
Relay:-  It is used to set the overload connection current .it contain two strips of biometals.
Biometals strip:- when current is more the circuit breaks .the one strip of lower temperature gets Bend due to heat.
Plangers:- It is used to bring the  supply back to the current
Non-volt coil:- it gets a magnetic field . and energy is created


In starter, In case if supply given to the started while testing on a lamp and if the lamp glows then the coil not working and if the supply given to the started and lamp glows dimly then the coil working is fine. We can also check by the magnetic field created by the coil. It the coil does not produce the magnet then it is faulty and if it produces a magnetic field then it works properly.