AIM: Learn to use level tube and take readings

 Requirements:  level tube water a place  to measure 

 Procedure: 1.  first take the level tube and open both the corks and kill them up with water

2.  do this to remove any air Bubbles left in the pipe

3. Take the level tube and set it onto a flat surface do the same with the second as well but it should also be on a flat surface

4.  mark the level at which the level of water sets and noted down

5.  take the second part of the level tube and fix it onto the new area to be measured

6.  take the ready write the first level tube mark height in noted down

7.  Example:  in our case we fix the level tube and got a voter ID of 150 cm at first and the second tube when the first to hide 157 was 37

8.37 cm is the height of the pillar

9.  repeat this in order to take all  the  measurement