Workshop; making dome door 

Aim; To make a door from scratch for the dome

 Requirements: L –  angle,  welding rods 

 tools: Chop saw cutter

 hand grinder

 hand grinder 

Vending machine

Tower drill 

Process: 1. First, check the dimensions of the dome in our case the dimensions were 3*6 ft for the door  

2. Then cut the L-angles in the 3*3*6*6 Pisces at 45 degrees 

3. Then weld them together at right angles 

4. Then cut the re-bar into small pieces and attach them at the base and the sides of the door as grippers 

5. Colour and do the finishing 

Installation; 1. First, make the brick lining of the dome 

2. Then insert the grippers into the base 

3. Once inserted make the dome as usual 

Skills acquired: product designing