Aim :

To repairing household items


Wires, plier, line tester, striper, screwdriver set , etc.

starting date:

starting date is 31/08/2021

Cabinet Flour Mill 3.5kg, Ghar Ghanti Flour Mill, Modular Flour Mill,  Cabinet Atta Chakki, Micro Flour Mill, घर घंटी वाली आटे की चक्की in Matunga  West, Mumbai , Essay Engineering Works |

Ending date:

Ending date is 01/09/2021

Budgets :

Material Qty RateCost
Phase Wire 1.5mm 5M20100
Neutral Wire 1.5mm5M20100
Tap 41040
Empty board15555
Top pin 6A15050
I had paid the price this material

Costing :

Phase Wire 1.5mm3M2060
Neutral Wire 1.5m3M2060
Empty board 15555
Top pin 6A15050

Procedure :

  1. All opening flour mill .
  2. Observe the circuit in the flour mill.
  3. Testing all points .use a line tester for that .
  4. check all the components.
  5. If the component is off replace it.

Experience :

I repaired the flour mill . I got information about all the equipment’s in it .I understood its functions. Now I can repair the mill with full confidence .

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AIM:  to learn to disassemble and assemble split phase motor

 Required:  electrician  plier, electrician screwdriver ,  spanner

 Procedure: 1. open the terminal box

2. disconnect the wires from the terminal

3. remove nuts

4. remove and platforms

5.  place the end plate again proper

6. Tighten  nut

7. connect the  winding leads to the terminal as shown in the fig

8. connect the motor to supply

9. switch on the supply


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AIM: To learn to connect start Run reverse a capacitor motor

 Requirements:  capacitor motor, insulated players, starter, supply connection, electrician, screwdriver, test leads with series bulb

 Procedure: 1.  fix and arrange a suitable supply for single phase AC capacitor motor

2. open the terminal box of the motor

3. can I the motor as per the circuit diagram

4. switch on the supply and the motor starts running

5. switch off the supply

6. reverse the wire of running winding

7. switch on the supply and look out rotations of the motor


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AIM: Take out electricity bill

 Requirement:  electricity bill

 Procedure: 1. get the units of electricity consumed with the formula of  number of appliances*  wattage of 1 appliance* total appliances* time period=  power consumed buy that type of appliance

2. calculate the power consumed and by the way one unit is equals to 1000 words or 1 k w

3. Calculate