Project Name:-  Extract oil by using cold press Machine.

Guide :- Reshma Havaldar.

Project Information :-

Aim :- to extract oil from peanuts , coconut ,white sesame seeds . By using cold press Machine.

Apparatus :- cold press , cylinder ,plates.

Requirement :- peanuts , coconut, white sesame .

Procedure :- 1) the peanuts roasted on slow flame  for very short period using LPG gas

in pan.(kadae) 2) then peanuts fill in the cold press cylinder layer. 3) between two

layer insert 1 plate .4) then the cold press handle used to apply pressure of 100 psi manually

5) then the oil drained out in the pan. 6) then one more time the process of pressure

application repeated & oil drained out . 7) then the cylinder is unloaded .8) the holes &  cylinder cleaned after the work. the dry matter is used to make chick.

Results & observation :-

1) from 1kg  of peanuts the oil is extracted 450 ml / dry matter 450 gm .

2) from 1kg  of coconut the oil is extracted max 460 ml / dry matter 460 gm.

3) from 1kg  of white sesame seed the oil is extracted 415 ml / dry matter 500 gm.



DATE :-11/09/2019

SUBJECT:-  Oil  production  report  .

1) Peanuts:-

Peanuts kg Oil  ml Dry   nuts
3kg 1250ml 1,600gm
1kg 450ml 450gm
1kg 450ml 480gm
TOTAL :-5kg 2,150ml 2580gm

v  lab our charges :-(1 hour) 30  rupees.

v  work done -6 hours=180   rupees.


Coconuts kg Oil  ml Dry  coconut
2kg 810ml 1,009gm
2kg 800ml 1,056gm
1kg 450ml 400gm
1kg 462ml 412gm
TOTAL:-6kg 2,522ml 2,877gm

v  lab our  charges :-(1 hour)30 rupees .

v  work done -8hours =240 rupees


White sesame kg Oil ml Dry  sesame
1kg 400ml 620gm
1kg 415ml 630gm
TOTAL:- 2kg 815ml 1,250gm

lab our charges:- (1 hours ) 30 rupees .work done -3 hours =90  rupees .