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Name of the project: – Curd Processing

Name of Student: Rohan .V. Parab

Project Date: –

Project Completed Date: –

Guiding : – Sonal madam

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1 Introduction 1
2 Objectives 2
3 Project selection 3
4 Planning 4
5 Difficulties 5
6 Benefits 6
7 Inspection 7
8 Readings 8
9 Images 9
10 Reference 10
11 Feedback Writing 11


  1. Introduction :- To do a process of milk into curd by the old or our traditional method it requires a day to prepare the curd .So by the help oh the heat retation box we are able to make curd from milk form 4- 5 hours and to keep its taste we can maintain the temperature in the box.


  1. Objectives :-
  • We get a better Protein values
  • Decreas the time of process
  • Maintain the temperature


  1. Project Selection :- to learn to decrease the process time of the milk into curd by maintaining and controlling the temperature of the box.
  2. Planning :- we made a heat retation box to make the milk process into curd and decrease the time of the process
  3. Difficulties:- to maintain the temperature of the box and to maintain the taste of the curd
  4. Benefits:- Due to these we can get the process quick and the taste remains the same as we get by old method.


  1. Inspection:- We had inconsistency curd in our kitchen. Typically sour curd and contamination results in throat infection. Hence it was decided to control process by controlling temp. And culture. Different trials were undertaken with O-fat (one factor at a time) by varying temp.
  2. Readings:-
CURD Trial Temperature Time Apparatus
1 42 3 hr Oven
2 45 3 hr oven
3 45 3 hr Heat Retention Box
4 45 3 hr Heat Retention Box




  1. Images :-



  1. Refrences :- As there was a problem of curd taste in the kitchen so as test going in micro biology lab I participated in that project as to help sonal madam in the project.
  2. Feed Back :- Due to these project I learned to do the process of the milk into curd by maintaining the temperature and to decrease the time of the process and to keep the taste as per we get on the old method.