Electrical Safety

1) some importance of safety:-

 1) Check  the electrical supply with the help of test lamp.

2) Before working turn of the supply main switch and fuse. 

3) Extinguish  the fire by throwing dry sand  on it .

4) Before using a fire extinguisher make sure that it is not outdated and it is of carbon dioxide type.

5) Don’t use water extinguish the fire if the main line is live.

6) Always use PVC or wooden table and stool for repairing job.

7) Connect any instrument / appliances in the presence of a supervisor.

8) Keep the workshop floor clean and tools in good condition

9) Do not renew  a blown fuse until the switch is off.

10) While working on live connections or circuits always use rubber gloves and rubber mat /

       insulated tools.

11) Replace  fuse only after switching off the circuits off the circuit switches.

12) Always use 3 pin plug socket , top 3 care wire of appliances.

13) Use  accessories in  good condition.

14)  Always used plug pin top for connecting appliances to the supply.

15)  Always switching off the supply , grip the  plug top carefully and pull it.

16)  Connections in electrical apparatus should be tight.


* CAT 1:- it is contains the place with less risk means  with DC voltage . tools should be properly

                working  and insulated.

* CAT 2:- repairing of AC  means 230 volts hand-gloves shoes of rubber ,wooden thing and proper

                 tools .

* CAT 3:- 3 phase line shoes must be more insulated  helmet required and more powerful  hand


* CAT 4:- it is the categories in which one is working on the top he should required the best safety

                 and the proper type of tools.

2)  Information About tools :-

 Aim:-  Get the information about tools

 1) Electrical pliers :-


Image result for pliers image

2) Nose Pilar :-

Image result for long nose plier

3) Electrical Plier:-

Stanley 70-482 Sturdy Steel Combination 8-Inch Pliers (Yellow and Black)

4) Flat  Nose Plier:-

Image result for Flat nose plier

5) Side Cutting Plier

Image result for side cutting plier

6) screwdriver:-

It is use to tight or loose the screw there  are two type of screw  driver

     one is with the negative head and other is in positive head.


 7) Tester:-

The tester is one way the test lamp works. And that’s how screwdriver  works, and there’s a neon in it.


8) Test lamp :-

This stool are used test the Electrical supply, Check continuity , shock circuit , open circuit earthing  and  polarity test can be taken.

9) Haymer :-

The haymer is used for beating the fields. Their are three types in haymer. claw Hammer , cross pin Hammer, ball pen hammer. But mostly ball pen haymer are used.

Stanley Claw Hammer Steel Shaft (Black and Chrome)