Fab Lab project

 Project name:- Automatic Light day/Night Off & on Light sensor. 


 Use               :- Light automatic on &off 

                     The reason for deciding this project is that the in-laws sometimes have to turn on and off. So I decided to do this project. So I could do this project.

 Material for the project

1) 0 PCB

2) Transistor BC547

3) Diode 1N 4007

4) Resistor 1K 

5) Resistor 330 ohm

6) LDR

7) Relay 6 V

Circuit diagram 

Starting the project 

                               Accustomed to doing the project, I tried it on a breadboard because I wanted to see if it runs and it runs. Then it was taken on 0 PCB.  When I first tried it, it didn’t start. Because he had a relay, then when I went to Vipul Sir and Snehal Madam, I realized that the relay connection was wrong. He was done when he tried.

                               So much for me in this project. But I learned a lot from that. Because of how careful the connection is to it, even if the connection is missed, the entire connection can be missed. And I’ve done this project myself three times. So I was successful.


In this project I got to learn a lot and learn new things. And Sir and Madam, I understand a lot. And they stayed mine so I could do my project better.