Electric  section project

 Project name:- Automatic Light day/Night Off & on Light sensor. 


 Use               :- Light automatic on &off 

                     The reason for deciding this project is that the in-laws sometimes have to turn on and off. So I decided to do this project. So I could do this project.

 Material for the project

1) 0 PCB

2) Transistor BC547

3) Diode 1N 4007

4) Resistor 1K 

5) Resistor 330 ohm

6) LDR

7) Relay 6 V

Circuit diagram 

Starting the project 

                               Start  to doing the project, I tried it on a breadboard because I wanted to see if it runs and it runs. Then it was taken on 0 PCB.  When I first tried it, it didn’t start. Because he had a relay, then when I went to Vipul Sir and Snehal Madam, I realized that the relay connection was wrong. He was done when he tried.

                               I learned a lot from this project and I was doing this project for the first time so I had a lot of problems too. But I also got to learn a lot from it. And those connections were easy too, but it took a while to understand, because there was also a shoulder welding and so on. And my project was also completed and it was run. So I was successful. 

 Costing :-

  Sr no    Material                       Qty         Rate             Paris

     1        0 PCB                           1             5                   40

     2        Transistor BC 547        2             35                 70

     3        Diode 1 N 4007            1             1                   1

     4        Resistor 1 K                  1             50                 50

     5        L D R                            1             9                   9

     6        Preset                            1             59                 59

                   These are the items I used in this project and how much they cost.


In this project I got to learn a lot and learn new things. And Sir and Madam, I understand a lot. And they stayed mine so I could do my project better.