3D Printer

3D printer image 

 3d printer is a CNC machine. In it we can make things like shows or our daily use, such as mobile stands.

    This machine has to be designed. They use Fusion 360 and 123D software to make designs. But Startling used this software because it is easy to understand. Then the design that was created must be in 3 dimension and then it needs to be saved in the .stl file. Because if the file is moved to another format, it does not take the design machine.

          After making the design, now part of the machine. Repeater host or key-slicer are two software machines. Then the file you give to the machine is transferred to g.code.

              Important in 3d is bed temperature, nozzle temperature, gco.

 1) Bed temperature    :- 70-80 Max

 2)Nozzle temperature:- 210 

 3) gco

              When printing a machine, you should look at the machine’s template and the material you give it to meet it in order.