Laser Cutter

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Laser cutter is used for 2D. And this machine is CNC.

             The first thing you need to do is to make the design. The software uses Coral Draw for this. It has to be designed. And Saw for Decign is what uses 3 software called InScape. But coral draws are easy to understand, so they all use the top. And measurement is very important in design, its height and length need to be done at all times. And after the design is complete the DXF file should be cut.

               Then, when cutting the file, it is necessary to check its size again. And it comes back to 3 parts which is which part you want to cut and which to engrave. It has to be selected and given the same command. Then it comes to the part, which is very important is that you have to power and select the cutting of that design. It has to be understood and given.

                 After the design complet it is the machin. Now let’s start with how to turn on a laser cutter. So Madam ni us her step

Main Power Supply→Isolation transformer→UPS→Air compresser→cooler→mains(laser)→Laser on→Exhaust on→Lamp→redbeam on→Interface with computer→download the file→start →

After the machine is turned on, the material that you want to cut is placed on the bed of the material machine and then set its bed level. And then set the laser and then download the design that you have created in the machine and select it. Then they would trace her before giving it to Chutting. And then give it to the cutting.