1. do the desigmning in tinkercad software or any cad software
  2. https://www.tinkercad.com/

4. then export the file in stl format

5. then open the factory software


7. open the file in it

8. then do the settings of the type of filament

9. then connect a pendrive and prepare the data

10 . once it is complete connect it to the 3d printer and start


  1. i got you covered baby
  2. design the file in inscape
  3. https://inkscape.org/
  4. open image in inscape

5. go to paths and trace bitmap

. seprate the image with the bitmap

7. delete the image

8. and set stroke and hit the cross icon to cut the paint on it

9. export the file in png image file format

10. go to mods ce nodes



today I will teach you a simple method to cut a box on laser cutter wity the hinges which are known as fingers

  1. head over to makercase for laser cutte
  2. link = https://en.makercase.com/#/basicbox

4. select the type of box that you want to make in my cae it wa sd the basic box

5. in here seleclct the appropriate metrics in my case or reccomended is mm

and then adjust the values till desired box is achived

6. select the closed box or open box

7. then selest the fingers and the no of fingers by sliding the slider

8. download the file in SVG file format

open the file in inscape

10 . do the adjusetments if necessary

11 . save the designe in the dxf file format

12 . import the file in RD WORKS


14. then do the settings according to the reccomened values

start the laser cutter and then upload the file by downloading it with the connections
16. start the laser cutter and you are done with this magnificent product