Motive:- for identification of our cattle

Ways for our cattle identification:

1) Branding:- Branding is a type of cattle identification,Serves to detter Cattle Rustling,This also helps in returning rustled animals back home

Process of Branding Cattle:-

  1. Liquid Nitrogen or Denatured Nitrogen and Dry Ice are used to cool branding irons. Rather than burning the skin, freeze branding actually destroys the natural pigmentation of the animals hair, making the hair of the cow on the branded area glow white

Tatoo:- material- tatoo ink

like Branding,Tatoos can be used as a cattle identification,cattle needs to be secured properly before applying tatoo,if any miscalculation the tatoo might appear blurry.

Eartags:- These come in plastic or metal, can be custom numbered on one or both sides, permits at identifying animals from a distance,may eventually detach and get lost