I am looking forward to both, continue my studies and work in welding companies.


Agriculture and animal husbandry section – Ridge gourd production

Home and health section – spicy crackers

Energy and environment section – Study on kitchen fuels

Workshop section – Making rice de-husking machine and its mechanism


  • Documentation making, MS Office Powerpoint, Internet research
  • Costing
  • Selling

Agriculture and animal husbandry section:

Farming, Weighing animals based on formula, TDN, Setting up of garden, Hydroponics, Irrigation methods, Vermicompost preparation, Poultry cost derivation, FCR, Animals cost estimation, Estimating age of animals, Seed treatment, Using pesticides and fungicides and insecticides and on time, watering on time, Marketing, Land preparation, soil testing, fertilizer dosage based on soil testing, Identifying diseases, spraying based on climate

Home and health section:

Making food products – jam, jelly, biscuits, chikki, amla products, kawa, and paneer, Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Pulse rate checking, Respiration testing, First aid, Food testing for water percentage, Packaging, Theory of marketing, Storage, packing

Energy and environment section:

Patti fitting, Conceal fitting, Wire fitting, Motor winding, Rainfall measurement and humidity measurement, Tube light circuit, Making LED torchlight, Dumpy level, Plane table survey, Making decoration lights – series circuit, Switch board wiring, Change over box, Power point connection, Study on kitchen fuels – Estimation of cost, Allocation of fuels for different works of kitchen based on data, and ensuring efficiency, Record maintenance

Workshop section:

Construction work, Making RCC Column, Arc welding, Spot welding, Cutting metal sheets and bending, Lathe machine operation, Wood joints, Geodesic dome construction, Brick making, Line out, Costing, Welding, Grinding, Hand cutting, Handling pipe cutter machine, Taking measurements, Drilling


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