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Agriculture and animal husbandry section – Nursery kartik agriculture and animal husbandry agriculture and animal husbandry

Home and health section – Making chocolate

home and health

Energy and environment section – Conceal fitting

Workshop section – Shed construction



  • Using MS Office Word, Powerpoint, basics in Excel, Internet research
  • Costing
  • Selling

Agriculture and animal husbandry section: Soil testing, Measuring weight and temperature of cows and goats, Seed treatment, Learnt about different vegetables, Fertilizer dose, Making vermicompost, Preparing azolla bed, Nursery – Making soil beds in different formations, Using coco peat, Nurturing saplings into small plants, Making silage, SNF checking, Using latometer, Fertilizer dose

While joining two different stems (kalam, in marathi)

While joining two different stems (kalam, in marathi)

Using neem leaves for vermicompost

Using neem leaves for vermicompost

At exhibition

At exhibition

Trip to learn on agriculture

Trip to learn on agriculture

Home and health section:

Making food products – chikki, jam, jelly, tomato sauce, nan kattai, kawa, and amla processing, Extraction of oil using hydraulic machine, Blood group testing, Milk testing, Water testing, Haemoglobin testing, Machinery used in food processing, Making chocolate – Double boiling process, Types and varieties of chocolate, Aspect of making business (with chocolate) and learnt advantages

Energy and environment section:

Knowledge of wirings, circuits, and ISO symbols, Patti fitting, Soak pit, Gobar gas, Earthing, Dumpy level, Plane table survey, Learnt about smokeless chulha, Wiring code, Carbon candy, LED lights, Conceal fitting – Wiring, board wiring, Fitting pipe inside the wall, pulling wire from the pipe, Two way switch wiring, Different types of circuits, Planning and deciding on wiring form

Workshop section:

Using vernier callipers, Grinding, Cutting metal sheets or angles, Knowledge on carpentry tools and basics, Painting, Brick making, Information on types of hinges for doors, Straightening bends in rods, Soldering, Making RCC column, Constructing shed – Checking for upright position, and laying concrete on the same level, Using level tube to check the slope of the roof, Welding, Drilling in cement, Costing, Measurement


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