I am interested in setting up a family restaurant in future. I’m currently working as an instructor at Swanandyog, Badlapur.


Agriculture and animal husbandry – Hydroponics

Feed grown through hydroponics

Feed grown through hydroponics

Home and health – Protein foods

Protein rich food

Protein rich food

Energy and environment – PoP conceal fitting

An illustration taken from internet

An illustration taken from internet

Workshop – Folding stool dining table

While making folding stool-dining table

While making folding stool-dining table


  • Computer skills – MS Office (word, powerpoint and excel), Photoshop, DCA + PGDCA certificate, Internet research, Scratch application, basic programming (demo version)
  • Costing
  • Selling

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Soil testing, Checking animal weight and temperature, Organic farming, Fertilizer dose, TDN, Hydroponics, Farming on beds, Mulching farming, Vermicompost preparation, Cow farming, Goat farming Sprinkler irrigation, irrigation on tray, Hydroponics – Plantation without soil, using shade net, Techniques for obtaining more yield in less land, Knowledge on fungal infection, Working on nutritional value in seed, Making time schedule for water supply, taking observation day and night, Maintaining humidity and temperature

Home and health:

Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Water testing, Making food products – chikki, biscuit, nan kattai, cake, Milk adhesive test, Understanding importance of protein, Developing own recipes to make protein food tastier than high calorie food, Observing percentage of protein in our daily diet, taking survey (compared interest of protein and high calorie food), Making report and telling through it, the use of protein

Energy and environment:

House wiring, Gobar gas, Soak pit, Different wirings – godown wiring, hospital wiring, Soldering, Wiring inside PoP, proper breaking of walls in square shape for wiring, making back entry using drill machine, Fixing fan fastener, learnt about breaker machine, Making board inside the wall


Welding, Drilling, Grinding and hand grinding, Statue making using PoP and soil, Fitting geodesic domes (construction), Digital fabrication – operating modella, 3 D printer, vinyl machine, PCB, Welding, Grinding, Drilling, Pipe and square tube cutting, Pipe bending


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Kuchanpally, in Adilabad district, Telangana state