I like to work with vehicles and so want to work in a garage.


Workshop – Construction (of kitchen room)

While constructing the kitchen romm

While constructing the kitchen room

Energy and environment – Patti fitting

Patti fitiing

Patti fitiing

Agriculture and animal husbandry – Preparing vermicompost

Vermicompost preparation

Vermicompost preparation

Home and health – Making powder form lemon leaves

Lemon leaves

Lemon leaves


  • Using MS Office Word, Powerpoint and basics in Excel, Internet research
  • Costing
  • Selling


Threading and taping, Measuring area, Fixing nuts and bolts, Grinding, Drilling, Cutting metal sheets, Pipe folding, Construction, Welding, Tile fitting, Plastering

Energy and environment:

Wiring, Operating bio gas plant, Making switch board, Motor winding, Soak pit, Earthing, Dumpy level, Plane table survey, Setting board, Patti fitting – Knowledge in placing of different wires

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Usage of fertilizers, Weighing cows, Measuring area of land, Seed treatment, Soil testing, Silage making, Making jal-amrut*, Identifying diseases in plants, Identifying age based on teeth and horn, Mulching, Hydroponics, Nursery management, Making vermicompost – Catching vermiwash, Maintenance to avoid spoiling, Making in lesser number of days

Home and health:

Making food products – tea, pakode*, vegetable rice, biryani, chicken, vadapav, amla processing, puran instant, imli capsules, mango pickle, mashed egg, curries, patties, sandwich, Water testing, Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Solar drying, Packing


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Pune, in Maharashtra