I dream of employing unemployed youth by having a business of my own. I am also interested in making idols and want to do social service.


Agriculture and animal husbandry section – Goat farming

Home and health section – Estimating the amount of calories required for people based on their height, weight and age

home and health

Energy and environment section – Motor rewinding

energy and environment

Workshop section – Making dining table set

workshop project


  • Basics in MS Office – Word, Powerpoint and Excel, Google sketch up
  • Costing
  • Selling

Agriculture and animal husbandry section:

Soil testing, Nursery, Polyhouse farming, Hydroponics, Acquaponics, Azolla making, Vermicompost preparation, Kalam* procedure, Mulching, Goat farming – Raising in a closed space to collect their dung which otherwise would get wasted, Raising them to monitor their health better, Quantity of feed and water to be provided every month, To aid in increasing their weight

agriculture and animal husbandry - not project

Home and health section:

Water testing, Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Making food products – chikki, amla processing, biscuit, nan kattai, cake, chocolate, drumsticks powder, gulab jamun, paneer, jam, jelly, and mango, lemon and amla pickles, Understanding quantity of calories based on the person’s lifestyle, Amount of protein required for maintenance of body, Understanding ifferent vitamins, proteins or other minerals present in various food products

Energy and environment section:

House wiring, Patti fitting, Conceal fitting, Dumpy level, Plane table survey Operating bio gas plant, Detecting the problem area in the working of motor, Different types of motor, Knowledge on wire gauge, Winding

While on project

While on project

Workshop section:

Construction, Carpentry, Statue making with soil and PoP, Painting, Engineering drawing, Civil drawing, Digital fabrication – operating 3D printer, operating modella (photo circuit board printing), and operating vinyl cutter, Welding, Grinding, Fitting into right angles, bending, Measurement


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