I aspire to become a civil engineer and a teacher in IBT program-run schools.


Workshop section – Making sheets from recycle (/waste) material (to use as building blocks in construction)


Making in the background

Energy and environment section – Patti fitting

energy and environment

Home and health section – Pumpkin chocolate instant

home and health

Agriculture and animal husbandry section – Soil testing

Soil testing

Soil testing


  • MS Office – Word, Powerpoint and basics in Excel, Internet research
  • Costing
  • Selling

Workshop section:

Construction, RCC column making, PCC column, Carpentry, Making ferrocement sheet, Knowledge on types of paints, Lathe machine – turning and boring, Welding, Grinding, Threading and taping, Cutting, finishing, Plumbing, Making sheets (blocks to use in construction) – Low cost idea for construction and also tackling issue of waste management, Making mortar, percentage of each constituent

workshop-not project

Energy and environment section:

Conceal fitting, Wiring in electrical switch board, Plane table survey, Dumpy level. AC/DC, Knowledge on generator, Using solar cooker, Pressure stove and bathi* stove, Operation of bio gas plant, House wiring, meter connection, Light and fan connections, placing MCB, Deciding on size and material of board which is required based on need

Plane table survey

Plane table survey

Home and health section:

Water testing, Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Checking pulse rate, First aid, Making food products – chikki, nan kattai, biscuit, cake, jam, jelly, gulab jamun, drumsticks powder, Checking water percentage in food products, Knowledge on human body parts, Knowledge on importance of calcium and diseases caused because of its deficiency, Knowledge on HIV, Aid for dog bites, Solar drying, Packing, Making pumpkin chocolate instant – Finalizing on recipe after experimentation through various processes

Amla processing - with amla cutter

Amla processing – with amla cutter

Agriculture and animal husbandry section:

Poultry management, Goat farming, Seed treatment, Checking temperature of cows, Weighing cows, Making azolla, Estimating age of cows, Effects of nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, etc., on plants, Soil testing project – Performed soil testing on farmers’ fields and provided suggestions, Checking of elements like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, etc.

Drip irrigation


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Nachane in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra