I am interested in doing agriculture in future. I want to implement polyhouse and nursery techniques in it.


Energy and environment – Patti fitting

Patti fitting

Patti fitting – while at work

Home and health – Preparing a local snack variety, susheela

Tastes as delicious as it looks

Tastes as delicious as it looks

Agriculture and animal husbandry – Goat farming

Giving the mother's milk to the new born one

Giving the mother’s milk to the new born one



Weighing goat

Weighing goat

Nutritious feed made from wheat, corn ,etc

Nutritious feed made from wheat, corn ,etc


  • Basics in MS Office – Word and Powerpoint
  • Costing
  • Selling

Energy and environment:

Making LED battery, Making gobar gas, Earthing, Grey water recycling, Operating multimeter, Types of wire joints, Dumpy level, Operating solar cooker, Soldering, Wiring, electrical board wiring, Measurement and marking, Drilling

Home and health:

Making food products – chikki, biscuits, nan kattai, sauce, jam, jelly, kawa, rosgulla, gulab jamun, cake, biscuit cake, zukini cake, lemon syrup, drumsticks powder, and amla processing, Pulse rate checking, Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Packing, Using refractometer, Making neem powder, and methi powder, Project on susheela (a local snack variety) – Obtained final recipe through experimentation

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Soil testing, Vermicompost preparation, Milking cows, Poultry management, Hydroponics, Acquaponics, Silage preparation, Bheej*, Nursery, Mulching, Goat farming – Weighing, milking, Providing feed and water scientifically to goats, Running kutti* machine, Knowledge on sex and reproduction of goats


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