I want to work and learn more in a workshop now, and then gradually want to open my own workshop later in the future.


Workshop – Ferrocement sheets

While making ferrocement sheet

While making ferrocement sheet

Energy and environment – Insect killer and decoration lights

Insect killer

Insect killer

Decoration lights

Decoration lights

Home and health – Green vegetable soup powder (instant)

In food lab

In food lab

Agriculture and animal husbandry – Hi-tech farming in polyhouse

Farming in polyhouse

Farming in polyhouse


  • Basics in MS Office – Word, Powerpoint and Excel, Internet research
  • Costing
  • Selling


Welding, Construction Soldering, Drilling, Grinding, Lathe machine, Ferrocement sheet making – Percentage of constituents in concrete, Innovated to make light weight sheets, like mixing thermocol bubbles, plastic, etc., Made a frame to put cement inside it, Knowledge of the work of a mason

Energy and environment:

Motor rewinding, Wire fitting at home, Knowledge on different phases, Operating bio gas plant, Grey water recycling, Earthing, Conceal fitting, Different types of circuit, like simple circuit, parallel circuit, etc., Soldering, Wiring, Giving neutral phase to the circuit, Knowledge on electronic components, resistors, capacitors, etc.

Home and health:

Making food products – amla products, chikki, nan kattai, biscuit, drumsticks powder, cake, blood testing, Haemoglobin testing, Water testing, Pulse rate checking, First aid, Knowledge on body parts, Packing, Using solar dryer and drying

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Goat farming, Poultry management, FCR of hens, Using lactometer, Cow farming, TDN of cows, Soil testing, Taking temperature of animals, Hydroponics Acquaponics, Making azolla, Nursery management, Mulching, Farming in polyhouse – Procuring good yield, Drip irrigation and using water efficiently, Water recycling and integrating used water with acquaponics, Applying fertilizers and pesticides, Maintaining polyhouse based on the season


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Yelgol, in Pune, Maharashtra