Cow farming and poultry are my interest areas. And I’m looking forward to work in these areas and gain more experience.


Workshop section – Making sand filter

With sand filter

With sand filter

Energy and environment section – Patti fitting

Operating on switch board

Operating on switch board

Home and health section – Making instant pumpkin (powder)

Instant powder from pumpkin

Instant powder from pumpkin

Agriculture and animal husbandry section – To increase the weight of calf

Calf which I took care

Calf which I took care


  • Typing in computer and basic use of MS Office Word
  • Costing
  • Selling

Workshop section:

Construction, Repairing machines –knowledge of the input of electric supply, earthing, Geodesic dome construction, Setting shade (rooftop) – knowledge of setting in angles, fixing nuts and bolts, sheets, Welding, Grinding, Painting

Energy and environment section:

Switch board wiring, Two way switch wiring, godown wiring, Simple and parallel circuits, Conceal fitting, Dumpy level, Operating bio gas plant, Grey water recycling, Water harvesting techniques, Making electric chulha, Making battery circuit, Operating electrical dryer, Wiring of a home, meter wiring,fitting switches, In house wiring project – Fitted home theatre system

Home and health section:

Water testing, Blood testing, Checking pulse rate, Checking heartbeat, First aid, Packaging, Making food products – chikki, gulab jamun, cake, biscuit, nan kattai, jam, jelly, amla processing, Operated tea business in the ashram, Solar drying, Project making instant powder – Marketing, sold the powder in a village, Understood making new products and ideas for making new products

Agriculture and animal husbandry section:

Soil testing, Weighing cows, TDN, estimating age of cows looking at their teeth, Polyhouse management, Acquaponics, Poultry farming, giving vaccination for poultry on time, taking care of broiler chickens, FCR, Making azolla, Hydroponics, Vermicompost preparation, Goat farming, Milking cows and goats, Silage preparation, Taking temperature, Measuring the area and size of farm, Knowledge of suitable crops based on seasons, Giving feed in measured weights to help in proper digestion, Giving boiled feed and following time table for feeding, giving water, etc. for calf, Record maintenance


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Nidona village, in Jalna district, Maharashtra