I am interested in electrical work and particularly like working with motors and in solar panel fitting.


Workshop – Making door

Cutting during project

Cutting during project

Home and health – Making kawa

Making kawa

Making kawa

Energy and environment – Patti fitting

While making board

While making board

Agriculture and animal husbandry – Nursery management

agriculture and animal husbandry


  • Basics in MS Office – Word and Powerpoint, Internet research
  • Costing
  • Selling


Grinding, Soldering, Construction, Making chalk, Making RCC column, Painting, Welding, Using angles – 90 degrees, Taking measurements

Home and health:

Blood testing, Haemoglobin testing, Water testing, Making food products – chikki, biscuit, cake, nan kattai, paneer, drumsticks powder, mango pickle, amla processing, tomato sauce, jam, jelly, imli spread, Extracting oil from ground nuts, Solar drying, First aid

Energy and environment:

Motor winding, Operating bio gas plant, Dumpy level, House wiring, Using solar cooker, Making LED torch, Earthing, Types of circuits – two way switch connection, godown wiring, hospital wiring, simple circuit, Patti fitting – Fitting pipe, Wiring inside the pipe, Fitting and wiring of switch board, fitting and connecting meter, Planning, fitting pipe inside slab

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Soil testing, Land mapping, Cleaning goats and cows, Estimating age through teeth, Seeing temperature of cows, weighing cows, Hydroponics, Fish farming, Polyhouse management, Milking, Goat farming, Poultry management, Sprinkler irrigation, Mulching, planting in mulching hole, Drip irrigation, managing daily watering, Plumbing, Vermicompost usage


Date of birth:



Brahmanatapur village, Atmakoormandal in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh