I want to become a teacher in my hometown, Balrampur. I want to teach the procedure of making food products like jam and jelly, and also teach about tests relating to health.


Energy and environment – Conceal fitting

Home and health – Making pineapple jelly

Agriculture and animal husbandry – Polyhouse farming


  • MS Office – Word, Powerpoint, and basics in Excel
  • Costing
  • Selling

Energy and environment:

Operating biogas plant, Making switch board, Different types of wiring – godown wiring, series wiring, parallel wiring, hospital wiring, two way switch wiring, Conceal fitting, Patti fitting, Soak pit, Plate earthing, Taking electricity bill, Dumpy level, Making DOL starter, Utilising appliances using solar energy, Repairing stove, House wiring, Making circuits in switch board, Marking for placing switch board, fan, etc., Drilling, and fitting pipes inside

Home and health:

Blood group testing, Water testing, Milk testing, Haemoglobin testing, Checking pulse rate, First aid, Aid for dog bites, Making food products – jam, jelly, biscuit, chikki, nan kattai, curry, amla processing, drumsticks powder, Making pineapple candy with the pulp, Packing

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Weighing and milking cows, TDN, Taking FCR, Making vermicompost and vermiwash, Making azolla, Seed treatment, Kalam* procedure, Mulching, Soil testing, Poultry management, Making soil beds with mixture of soil and vermicompost, Plumbing, Drip irrigation, Applying pesticides, Polyhouse farming – Planting, and supporting with ropes, Applying green net


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Balrampur, in Chhattisgarh