I am interested in the fields of workshop, and home and health.


Workshop section – Construction (of kitchen)

Agriculture and animal husbandry section – Keyhole gardening

agriculture and animal husbandry

Home and health section – Making orange essence

home and health


  • Basics in MS Office Word and Powerpoint, Google sketch-up, basic Internet usage, used internet for buying and selling of shares
  • Costing
  • Selling

Workshop section:

Grinding, Drilling, Construction, Joining frame and glass while making windows, Knowledge on lathe machine, Painting, Carpentry – using plywood to make items, Drawing, Line out, Laying bricks in different styles, Taking Measurement, Tiles fitting, Jaali fitting, Welding, Cutting metal sheets, and fitting

Agriculture and animal husbandry section:

Soil testing, Polyhouse farming, Mulching, Drip irrigation, Nursery management, Cow farming and taking weight of cows, Goat farming and weighing goats, Poultry management and taking FCR, Calculating area of land, Hydroponics, Kalam* procedure, Silage making, Age estimation through horns and teeth, Jeevamrit* making, Gardening, Efficient use of land for growing vegetables in garden, Gardening in various designs and styles

Home and health section:

Water testing, Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Checking pulse rate and heart beat, Making food products – chikki, nan kattai, biscuit, rosgulla, cake, kawa, paneer, pickle, drumsticks powder, Understanding protein value in different food items, Made use of orange essence in chikki, biscuit, perfume, etc, Using solar dryer, Using hot air oven


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Badlapur, in Mumbai, Maharashtra