I am interested in electrical domain. I want to learn more and work in that.


Agriculture and animal husbandry – Goat farming

agriculture and animal husbandry

Workshop – Making shelf/cupboard/stand for putting plates in the kitchen


Energy and environment – Fan repairing


  • Using MS Office – Word, Powerpoint and Excel
  • Costing
  • Selling

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Weighing cows, TDN, FCR of hens, Milking, Taking temperature of cows, Azolla making, Mulching, Hydroponics, Nursery management, Vermicompost preparation, Goat farming – Feeding goats on time and giving water, Taking weight of them and doing once every month, Selling goats, Cleaning goats


Painting, Construction, Making RCC column, Making with angles, Bending metal sheets, Making ferrocement sheet, Carpentry, Soldering, Laying pipes/pipeline, Chalk and candle making, Measurement, Welding, Grinding, Drilling, Cutting with hacksaw

chalk making

While making chalk

While making chalk

While making chalk

Soldering in workshop

Soldering in workshop

Energy and environment:

Earthing, Operating bio gas plant, Soak pit, Using solar cooker or using solar energy, Making switch board, Different types of wiring – godown wiring, hospital wiring, simple, series and parallel wiring, two way switch wiring, Making LED torch, Making decoration lights, Fan repairing – Checking gauge of the wires, Winding, Varnishing, Applying PVC paper, Testing for defects

In digital fabrication lab, I have made a walking robot.

Walking robot

Walking robot


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Lepa village, in Kargoan district, Madhya Pradesh