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Workshop – Making folding stool

Making folding stool

Making folding stool

Energy and environment – House wiring

House wiring

House wiring

Home and health – Water testing

Water testing

Water testing

Agriculture and animal husbandry – Making vermicompost

Vermicompost preparation

Vermicompost preparation


  • MS Office – Word, Powerpoint and basics in Excel, Internet research
  • Costing
  • Selling


Lathe machine, Cutter machine, Drilling, Threading and taping, Plumbing, Making RCC column, Construction, Types of construction, Paya* diagram, Making ferrocement sheet, Welding, Grinding, Painting, Planning

Energy and environment:

Wiring, Dumpy level, DLO starter wiring, Conceal fitting, Taking connection from meter, Inverter connection, Connections of three-phase and single-phase, Grey water recycling, Chalk making, Making LED torch, Making decoration lighting – series circuit, Various types of connections – series and parallel circuits, godown wiring, two way switch wiring, hospital wiring, Making joints in wires, different types of joints, Soldering, Earthing, connecting neutral, Wire gauge technicality, Fixing switch board, placing connection points for fans and lights

Home and health:

Making food products – chikki, cake, biscuit, nan kattai, paneer, kawa, drumsticks powder, amla processing, Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Checking pulse rate, Checking water percentage in milk, Knowledge on different elements in water and their effect on us, Hardness, alkalinity, fluoride, pH tests, Tested to see whether water was fit for agriculture, Testing usability for drinking

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Mulching, Drip irrigation, Hydroponics, Acquaponics, Cow farming, TDN, Goat farming, Poultry management, FCR, Sprinkler irrigation, Soil testing, Farming in polyhouse, Using lactometer, testing fat in cow milk, Making azolla, Silage preparation, Different ways of giving water in farms, Different types of beds for agriculture, Sterilizing beds, Maintaining shed without germs, Vermicompost – Step by step process of preparation, Knowledge on nutrients present inside vermicompost beneficial for soil and plants, Vermiwash collection and its importance, Using waste leaves and food for preparation


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