I like to do a job or else do a poultry or dairy business at home.


Workshop – Making wheel barrow

Making wheel barrow

Making wheel barrow

Energy and environment – Conceal fitting

Conceal fitting

Conceal fitting

Home and health – Pineapple jelly

During preparation of pineapple jelly

During preparation of pineapple jelly

Agriculture and animal husbandry – Polyhouse farming

Polyhouse farming

Polyhouse farming


  • Basic typing in computer, Internet research
  • Costing
  • Selling


Construction, Pipe threading, Making tin boxes, Making RCC column, Making ferrocement, Grinding, Chalk making, Brick making, Polishing, Costing, Measurment, Welding, Drilling, Cutting metal sheets and fixing with nuts and bolts, Colouring, painting, Made round tyres, attached bearings and did angle cutting for wheel barrow

Energy and environment:

Different types of circuits – simple circuit, godown wiring, hospital wiring and parallel circuit, Tube light repairing, Grey water recycling, Plate earthing, Patti fitting, Dumpy level, Operating solar cooker, Solar battery charger, Making LED torch, Basic wiring in electric switch board, Measurement for house wiring, cutting (used cutter machine and hammer), Pipe fitting, and checking of blockages inside pipe using spring, Fitting electrical switch board

Home and health:

Blood group testing, Haemoglobin testing, Water testing, Making food products – jam, biscuit, amla processing, nan kattai, drumsticks powder, kawa, vegetable rice, cake, gulabjamun, rosgulla, chikki, tamarind jam, Using solar dryer, Using refractometer

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Milking, Taking temperature of cows, Vermicompost preparation, Hydroponics, Types of soil, Poultry management, Goat farming, Mulching, Farming, Soil testing, Drip irrigation, Plumbing, Using gobar with soil, Using polyhouse technology for growing vegetable


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Thekambattu, Chinakalvarayanmalaivadaku in Atturtaluka, Salem district, Tamil Nadu