I like to open my own workshop.


Agriculture and animal husbandry section – Goat farming

Goat farming

Goat farming

Home and health section – Prepared cake

Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Energy and environment section – Patti fitting

Workshop section – Making shed


  • Basic operation of computer
  • Costing
  • Selling

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Soil testing, Poultry management, Cow farming, Sowing, Hydroponics, Goat farming – Giving medicines, giving feed and water scientifically, Taking weight, Estimating age by looking at teeth

Home and health section:

Making food products – chikki, biscuit, tomato sauce, amla processing, mango pickle, and drumsticks powder, Labelling and packing, Blood group testing, Water testing, Checking pulse rate, First aid, Making cake while reducing the cost, low cost cake, Procedure of making cake

Energy and environment section:

Electric switch board wiring, Operating bio gas plant, Earthing, Different circuits/wirings – simple circuit, parallel circuit, series circuit, godown wiring, hospital wiring, and two way switch wiring, Joints – T joint and union joint, Wiring, Fitting patti, Connecting with meter, Joining wires

Workshop section:

Welding, Carpentry, Painting, Drilling, Grinding, Using lathe machine, Using angles, Setting up pipes, making C channel, Painting, Fixing sheets/metal sheets, Planning and constructing shed which is helpful in both summer and monsoon seasons, Welding, grinding, cutting metal sheets


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Bodhadi in Nanded district, Maharashtra