I am currently thinking about poultry business, looking ahead into the future.


Energy and environment – Pipe fitting

Pipe fitting

Pipe fitting

Workshop – Construction (of kitchen room)

Construction of kitchen room

Construction of kitchen room

Agriculture and animal husbandry – Poultry management

Poultry management

Poultry management

Home and health – Orange essence

Orange essence

Orange essence


  • Basics in MS Office – Word, Powerpoint and Excel, Internet research basics
  • Costing
  • Selling

Energy and environment:

Line fitting, Earthing, Grey water recycling, Operation of biogas plant, Taking electricity bill, Basics of solar panel fitting, Wiring in board connection, Placement of MCB and main switch, placing of fuse, switch and plug based on load, Recognizing symbols, Different wires for different places, Connection of neutral, earthing and connection of main, Electrical safety


Plumbing, Carpentry, Colouring, Making RCC columns, Ferro-cement sheet making, Making shed, Threading and taping, Soldering, Funnel and bucket making, Grinding, Cutting, Construction, Slope of room (for drainage), Plastering, Tile fitting, Mixing concrete (formula), Estimation of cement and bricks, Welding, Placing doors, Safety aspect of construction, Welding

Agriculture and animal husbandry:

Levelling of ground, Seed processing, Soil testing, Estimation of age of cows (through horns and teeth), Hydroponics, Azolla making, Making vermicompost, Dairy management, Estimation of fertilizers, Silage making, Cost estimation of an animal per month based on TDN, Pesticides – quantity and variety, Farming without chemicals, Mulching, Cropping based on space availability, Farm preparation for cropping, Goat farming, Drip irrigation, Vaccination (including when and what), Identifying diseases in hens, Scientific feeding, Feed for hen based on their use ( meat, egg), Light management inside poultry shed, Temperature maintenance of chicks, Weighing, Estimating feed based on weight for hens, FCR, Types of poultry – cage, open, etc., Varieties of hen and cost of different varieties, Marketing, Research/survey on market, Shed based information like height, width, mesh type, direction, roof variety, Information about the types of hens which weigh more and give more eggs, Precautions for poultry shed, Way to maintain temperature when there is no light

Home and health:

Making food products – chikki, biscuit, nan kattai, cake, kawa, amla processing, jam, jelly, imli tablet, chocolate, lassi, milk shake, popcorn, misal pav, Water testing, Haemoglobin testing, Blood group testing, Food preservation, Knowing water proportion in milk, similarly percentages of ghee, urea and detergent in milk, Information on human body parts and their functions, Calorie requirement for body based on height, weight, age and sex, Calculating efficiency of fuels for cooking, Orange essence preparation – Solar drying, Experimentation to arrive at efficient procedure – tried boiling the outer layer of orange directly, tried boiling with ethanol, etc, Cutting, making powder, boiling, Could be used in various categories of products like perfume, face wash, sweets, etc.


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