AIM:  to make moringa chikki

 Requirements: jaggery, til, jawas, ghee, gas, moringa powder

Quantity : jaggery : 400gm

    Moringa: 25gm’

    Til: 120gm

    Jawas; 80gm ‘

Process: First roast jawasa and til in a pan separately 

2. Then in a grinder grind the Jawas and til in it 

3. After grinding in the mixer add some moringa powder 

4. check the Number of jawas and tilo

5. Make peanut powder in a grinder 

6. At the same amount of peanut powder as quantity as and jawas and til  in the mixture 

7. For example if the jawas and til are equal to 200 and then peanut powder is equal to 200 gram 

8. In a pot take some jaggery and make the jaggery paste in it 

9 in the jaggery paste put 200 grams of the Jawas  and til  mixer and then 200 grams of peanut powder 

10. Take the better out and Roll  and the Chiki is ready