Types of breed breed

  • First, we see breeds delites and types 
  • I show you 2 different like a  met press and egg press 

Varieties for egg production  

Name: white leghorn

                                       Feature: this bird is light in weight

 This bird is tough, looks fluffy, fresh, slender, and is high. 

  •  Egg production 13 to 14 months laying period. loud.
  • They lay 300 to 325 eggs a year 
  • Eggs weigh 50 to 55 grams
  • 85% production capacity

Name: Kedarnath

  • Found in jabua and Dhar districts of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Used for high  protein, low fat, and medicinal uses 
  • Fat 1 to 2 % as compared to 13 to 14% 
  • Black meat and eggs.
  • 1.10 to 1.25 kg of bird grows  in110 days.
  • Lay 90 to100 eggs a year 

Name: venkob

  • Meat production.
  • Features: Yellowlegs and beaks.
  • Less hair and more meat.
  • This bird is tough.
  • It looks like a fluffy, fresh, and round bird weighing 2.5kgin 42 days. 
  • Conversion of food into meat 

 Name: White aseel fighter chicken 

  •  The cost of  fighter chicken online is 5000 Rs  from India mart 
  • The cost of chicks is 39 Rs 
  • We can not use for eggs 
  • It is a good bride for fighting  
  • We do good 

Vaccine chicken                

                      Vaccine table 

      Lear eggs                  Broiler
Day1  – marexDay1  – marex
5 to7 days – Lasota5 to 7 days – Lasota
7to14 day – goambora7 to 14 days – goambora
5 week – Lasota 21to 22 days – Lasota
8 week – chickenpox
10 week – R.B
18 week – Lasota

 Total:5-month stage  

Types  of the house to the chicken 

  • It is for broiler chickens 
  • Layer  chicken 
  • For eggs 
  • It is out chickens 

Types  of  food of chicken 

  • Azolla 
  •  Somani protein in this 

We give this some  age of chaikes 

We  give after 21DAYS 

For  poultry chicks feeding is three types 

Stater         link

Brooding stage

  • In the brooding stage, we have to be careful  with chick  

               Wean the chick come from the company  to  shed 

              Make sure we have to put some jaggery water to chick 

             Then  maintaining the shed  temperature  to chick 

    24 hrs water  maintaining FCR full of this feed conversion ratio

     Medium                        High                  low