Motive:- Study different ways to water our crops

Gravity/Flow irrigation:- Water is headed up at upstream of Head work and thereby diverted to Canal system.

Benefits of Flow irrigation:- The main advantage of using Flow irrigation method is a very low energy requirement and ease in system design. An adequate water supply is important for plant growth. When rainfall is not sufficient enough, the plants must recieve additional water from water.

Modern ways to water our Land :-Sprinkler Irrigation

1. Drip Irrigation

2. Sprinkler irrigation

  1. Sprinkler Irrigation:-

Sprinkler/Spray Irrigation is the method in which water is provided to plants in controlled way, like Rainfall. the water is distributed through pumps,valves,Pipes and Sprinkler. Irrigation Sprinkler can be used for residential,Industrial, and Agriculture usage.

example of Sprinkler irrigation

Drip Irrigation:- Drip Irrigation is the most efficient way to provide nutrients and water to the plant, Drip irrigation is als called as Trickle irrigation, it involves dripping water onto soil at very low rates (2-20 litres/hours) from a system of small diametre plastic pipes fitted with outlets called Emitters or Drippers.

Some prominent examples of Drip Irrigation