AIM: to calculate the FCR of a hen

REQUIREMENTS:no of hens , info about their feed eaten , its initial and final mass ,

Example: in ramu’s poultry on 21/2/2022  avaerage weight of the hens was 1255gm

The weight before 7 days was 900 g . according to ramu’s data 390Kg of feed was given . now calculate what is the FCR , cost of a hen , and cost of the feed

390*29= 5310Rs for the feed

FCR = total feed / weight gain

Total weight gain = 355*500 = 177500g

                                                    = 177.5 Kg

FCR = 390/177.5

When 2.19 Kg food is given to one hen it gains 355gm weight

63.51 Rs of one hen

INFO:FCR(feed  conversion ratio ) it is the amount of the feed given to the  hen converted into meat