What is Hydrophonics?

Hydrophonics, also known as Aquaculture,Nutriculture and Soiless culture, basically is the process of growing plants in Sands,Gravel,or Liquid, with added nutrients but without soil

How does Hydrophonics work?

Hydrophonics is cultivation of plants without using soil. this systems fosters faster and stronger yeilds and of superior quality. Plants grown using hydrophonics guarantee faster growth, upto 40-50 faster and the produce 30% more than plants in the soil

Advantages of Hydrophonics:-

  1. Hydrophonics requires alot less sapce than plants grown in soil
  2. Needs no soil
  3. Produces HIgh Quality food
  4. Produces higher yeilds

Disadvantages of Hydrophonics:-

1.Waterborne Diseases

2.Expensive to Setup

3. Requires continious monitoring and maintainence

Hydrophonics Structures:-

NFT Structure:- Nutrient Film Technique

Nutrient Film Technique is a Hydrophonics technique where in a very shallow stream of water cointaining all the dissolved nutrients reqiured for plant growth is re-circulated past the bare roots in a watertight gully, also known as channles

NFT Hydrophonics Structure at Viyan Ashram:-

NFT structure with no grreens

Status of 15 days

We planted four types of greens in the NFT structure

Methi (Fenugreek)

Dhania (Coriander)



Growth status after 15 days

mint leaves in 15 days
Coriander greens in 15 days
Palak Green in 15 days
Methi Greens in 15 days

Summary (My Observation)

we experimented on 2 NFT structures on with Floc water(fish water) and one with normal water


  1. We observed that the greens in the Floc water NFT didnt grow that well, because of more growth of algea
  2. we observed that the greens grew well with fresh water

cost we bared:– Floc water filter 1000/-