Author: Chaitanya Rawal

Food Lab Project

HOW TO Homemade buns recipe needs some practice. Shaping the pav bun is the key to get the smooth glaze on the top of the bun. The dough kneading process is simple that you can find on my step by step by step basic bread dough...

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Agriculture section

 WHAT IS A MEANING OR AGRICULTURE  Agriculture describes the practice of growing crops or raising animals. Someone who works as a farmer is in the agriculture industry. The Latin root of agriculture is agri, or...

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Agriculture project

First part  we are  plow farm by trector and  then we are get fhavda abd  we made pladers on plowed land And our next work is fiteed pipe line for our plot for get water 💧 and our next work is drip sistem for our farm and then...

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  The food industry, it is widely accepted that a quality management system is a tool to support business survival and growth in the long term. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a preventive system...

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