Project name :-automatic school bell system

                             With using arduino .

Guide :- Suyog wargade

Project information :-

Aim :- to do automatic school bell system .
Requirement :- arduino uno , jumping wires , bread board , buzzer , resistor (220 ohm),
                           (1ohm ),10 k potentiometer , arduino USB cable , RTC( real time clock )                                      module ,                              LCD display , DC adapter.
Procedure :- first off all we have get the programme for the Arduino from Google and
Copy to our software arduino IDE . Save it after that we have get a code for display
to check whether is working or not . After that we get a code for RTC module and
Joined the wires to Arduino  by following the diagram  we checked that the RTC module
is it working or not.then again we checked that the buzzer is working or not. all are in
working we started the programme and it runs , the display showed
the format of bell rings but it doesn’t shows the time and the period when it wants to ring but the buzzer doesn’t create any type of sound .tryed a lot to make it but it not works .
Observation :- connect the wires properly by the following diagram and check the all
Components before using.