6] Blocking ….

Vitta has 3 sides: –

1] The stretcher side

2] Header side

3] Frog side

Bricks are soaked in water while construction, as the cement and sand goods we manufacture. Their water absorbs bricks.

Let’s see the ratio used to construct and plaster: –

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Construction is 1/6 ie: – 1 cubic cement of 6 grams sand
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Plaster 1/3 means: – 1 gram cement 3 grams sand.

* If there is a sand and cement mix, the monitor is created.

* Cuddy-Wool-Symmetric mixer creates a jacket.

Water in Bamankamam: –

Watering is called quilling.

* Badhankam has to be killed for 21 days.

Spirit level: – The time we interfere. This is used to measure rope or level level.
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Level Tub: –

The level tube is used to show the same level, that is, the level tube is used to equal the height at long distances. Any substance always remains parallel to the mass.
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Curvature: – If any object is thrown over it, it can be dragged down to 90 degrees. Image result for valamba tools
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