5] Studying the design of bricks ……

There are five types of bricks for the construction of different sizes of bricks to build in a specific way during construction. The types are as follows:

Stretcher Bond: –Image result for stretcher bond

In this bond, we can see only width and ink when looking at Vita.

Header Bond: –

In this bond we can see only width and height when looking at bricks.

Image result for header bond

English Bond: –

In this English bond, we use a substrate like a substrate and another sub-header bond. They are called English bonds.

Image result for english bond

Flemish Bond:  In this bond we use a brickbreaker bond and a brick herders bond. That construction can strengthen our walls.
Related image

Rap-Tap Bond: –

In the construction we build the works by placing bricks. There is a burst of bricks in this construction. The air comes from outside air and inside air. So it’s called rap-trap.
Image result for rat trap bond