Aim :- to know about dumpy level .

Requirement :- dumpy level , staff, spirit level ,tube compass ,plumb ,note pad ,pen, meter
– tape , drawing sheet , etc.

Procedure :- first we went at the deep portion of the dam and set up the tripod and stand. Then placed the dumpy level instrument on the tripod  and checked the level by the spirit
level and then check the north direction by help of the compass then set the dumpy level
by the three body screw to make in a straight level after the arrangement of dumpy level
Place the shaft and then by the view finder check the shaft and lock the the view finder
By tighting the nut at front of view finder then the nob at the right side arrange the focus
And then take the note of points seen on shaft by  view finder .

Skills :- one should must know about dumpy level stand , should know about to take a
Contour line , to known to mark direction.
Uses :- by this we can build Dome. We can known about the level and amount of water
going to be stored in dome .it is also been use to construct roads ,railways track  on a
Slope or etc.